Sunday, February 20, 2011

She Said YES! Part I

Two Saturdays ago was the time. It felt right and I was ready. The plan was to invite G out to dinner to celelebrate her new job. This was a great cover up I thought, she would have no idea that I would propose. It would be the last thing on her mind. Earlier that week, on Monday, I left work around 2:30 to visit the restaurant where I would propose, actually it was just dessert. I had spent weeks researching menus, driving distances and locations to get this night perfect. Butt to be honest, a restaurant is the last place I ever wanted to propose. It is cliche and almost never provides the desired level of subtlety and antmosphere needed for such an event. My initial goal was to propose outside but the weather would not allow it. Either way I made the reservation for 10:30. At the time it was (just) a good plan, 300 East has a terrific menu and an even better dessert menu. It is in a great neighborhood and somewhat romantic but still a restaurant. As I scoped the place out, moving about with the hostess throwing around ideas and deciding where we would sit I thought, "this will have to do because I am tired and can't think of anything better!"

Great, now I am done with this part, on to the details. We can have dinner somewhere, then catch a movie or a play and off to 300 for dessert and the MAIN EVENT. That was the plan! After I left I decided to go and check out this new fish market I'd heard about on Selwyn Avenue near Queens University in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. They were closed but next door was this wine shop and I always enjoy visiting wine shops. But there was more. In addition to wine they had chocolate and not just any chocolate, home made artisinal chocolate by a French trained chef who actually developed the idea for this shop the on the same trip to France when she got engaged. Its called Petit Phillipe. This would now become the place where I would propose. Of course I had not idea about this as I entered the shop for the first time, then I met Dylan, the manager........Part 2 to come later!

Monday, February 7, 2011

new (and final) post to come soon

i owe you "loyal" viewers an ending and you soon will get one. but then i will sign off forever and delete my is a hint "she said yes"