Saturday, June 26, 2010

Perfect Wedding Guide Summer Expo 2010

The Perfect Wedding Guide Summer Expo 2010 is tomorrow at the Hilton Charlotte University Place from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. I admit I would go if G could go with me. But she is working. It would be weird going alone. Plus even if she weren't working it would be a hard sell.  Also, what we would encounter may be a bit premature for viewing and may blow our minds (at least mine) at what needs to be done for a wedding day. But may be worth because of the free samples and 3 honeymoon giveaways.

Also included are professionals in the areas of planning, photography, florists, fashion, etc. etc.

Maybe next year?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 things I want to do....

10 things I want to do......

1. Attend a Protestant worship service in Charleston, South Carolina.
2. Attend a Catholic worship service in Charleston, South Carolina.
3. Throw my parents a 50th Wedding Anniversary party.
4. Get a professional massage at a resort.
5. Eat at EVERY McAlisters Deli restaurant.
6. Pay off the ring.
7. Learn how to (slow) dance.
8. Go deep sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.
9. Travel to a different college campus in the South each Saturday in the fall and watch football games.
10. Learn to share my food at a restaurant at least 75% of the time instead of eating it all myself.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This year is moving fast!

I have an "unofficial" goal of proposing by the end of 2010. Its half way through the year and its moving along rapidly, the year that is. I am struggling with completing what needs to be completed to meet my goal. I still have to ask her parents for permission, pay more towards the ring (which is the toughest since it is basically on hold now) and once those two things are done I have to plan Operation: Engage. I feel like I keep passing up opportunities to ask the 'rents for permission....seeing them a few weeks ago and for a get together at the grandparents house and missing Fathers Day at the grandparents house. I can't afford to pass up any more opportunities to complete this task. Then there is the need to get them alone to ask. I don't want to ask them separately or ask just the father. I wan't to ask both parents.

Then the need for money to get the ring. Don't even want to get into that!

I have also added Bald Head Island, NC into the mix for the proposal place. We were near there this past weekend and I suggested that maybe we come back later this year and make a trip over there for the day (she hasn't been but I have and it would be a possiblity).

Its also getting to the point where everyone in her life (grandmother included) is asking when we are getting friends have asked me this in the past but guys do this all the time not expecting that you will actually even get married.

Her cousin's fiance wants to get married in December, close to Christmas...they were just engaged! This shouldn't affect my plans though because I am hoping to propose by the end of November (ring availability). It doesn't seem to be affecting G as far as "they are getting marred and we aren't even engaged yet."

Well, that is what is going on in the mind of a SOON TO BE GROOM!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My initial thoughts have been to propose in Asheville but after reading this story about a women who was struck dead by lightning just before her boyfriend proposed kind of leaves me rethinking the idea? Of course, my plans do not include proposing outdoors or anything but just the thoughts of attempting to do this with "oh yeah, some girl died earlier this year while in town for the same thing" lingering over our vacation.

Funny enough a commercial for Biltmore Estate came on the other night and I commented that we still have to go (we made rough plans to do so last year). We have both been but not together. And G says that my mother said to her that it would be a neat place for me to propose. Don't worry, I wouildn't do this...too cliche. But how funny.