Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Town Tavern, Boone, NC

Town Tavern is a bar in the picturesque college town of Boone, NC, the home to Appalachian State University. Town Tavern is co-owned by a college friend of G's who I have also gotten to know during the last few years.

Town Tavern is also the place that will also forever be the place where I decided to ask G's parents "for permission to propose to their daughter." Don't ask me why I used those words? I won't be able to answer that question...I don't know why? But I did! There is a lot I woul take back or change this past Saturday in regards to "the question."

It started out as a great day, beautiful even. The weather was awesome! The mountains provided a nice change over the sweltering heat we were experiencing in Charlotte. We decided to meet G's parents in Boone where they were spending the July 4th weekend and I decided this would be the day I  would ask a question that, along with the purchase of an engagement ring was the "beggining" of Operation: Proposal!

We ended up at Town Tavern after spending the morning at the original Mast General Store in Valle Crucis. We ordered a beer and began to look at menus. I decided once my chance came I would go for it. You see I decided to ask BOTH PARENTS at one time for "permission." I figured, in my both parents are the parents and deserve to be asked at the same time despite protocal of the father usually being the one that is asked. I should have inquired from others and from G's bro-in-law. But you see I am one who does what he feels not what others may expect of me. I am the one that would go back-to-school shopping in the seventh grade with my mother who would say, "look, that boy is wearing it?" and I  would reply, "well, doesn't mean I like it."

So back to Saturday. Once G left the table for the second time and I was alone with the 'rents. I went  for it. It basically consisted of the question from earlier in the post, followed with "I love her" a few moments later.

My request was granted without too much delay but not with the enthusiasm I was expecting. Of course I was expecting the best case scenario--balloons, champagne and hugs--but that didn't happen. It wasn't the opposite either. The moment was cut short as G came back to the table. Throughout the day I was asked questions about my intentions...when, where, etc. I was also given a request of my own...to let them know ahead of time. I understand this and will do my best to oblige.

All and all I feel good that it is over despite not getting the total expected reaction. I may have done this a tad early but I don't always know when I will see them or if it will be a good time when I do. Part of me did it because of the joyous occasion of the 4th, etc. But the specific timing could have been better thought out. I also would have asked the father first and then either let him tell the mother or if he requested, told her. They did asked if the request was between the 3 of us and of course my answer was YES! The last thing I need is this getting out. Secrets do not las long in this family.

I am sure my proposal will be more fulfilling! I have learned that I will need to rehearse my lines prior to its' delivery and not only focus my efforts to planning the when, where and how. Also I will also get some advice and not depend on myself to do something that I have absolutely no experience doing. Some more advice is not to underestimate your nerves when asking the parents or your girlfriends' father this question. You may believe that you aren't the type of person to get skiddish or nervous under critical situations but they come out of nowhere and prompt you to say crazy things, i.e. "permission to propose."


  1. I guess congrats are in order! Personally I wouldn't want my family's permission, but if you're doing it in the traditional way, that's nice. How nervous were you?

  2. I wasn't nervous at all. I thought. I always have pleasant convos with them, though not ones as serious as that. Looking back on it I feel that I hurried myself and put too much pressure on myself about the whole thing and probably should have aborted for a moment. Why would you want to have your parents consent of have them involved?