Monday, March 7, 2011

She Said YES! Part II

Continued..... I couldn't stop thinking about the wonderful opportunity I stumbled upon and what possiblities Saturday night would bring. Ideas kept popping in my head. One of them was to hire a photog to capture the moment. All day Tuesday I was on the phone with a friend who now lives in NYC. He gave me the name of an amatuar photographer who could take pictures of the event. I made an additional trip Thursday night to continue to brainstorm with Dylan about the details and to meet up with the photographer. The three of us talked at length about how the night would go. I told Shawn the photographer to act like he was there that night to take pictures for Petit Phillipe's website. Dylan loved the idea. Dylan also already had a roundtop table and two chairs in the back where we would sit.
The idea would be to have us come in at 8:45 p.m. (they close at 9:00 but if there are customers then they stay open). Remember it is a wine and chocolate shop not a wine bar but they don't want customers to feel rushed and to taste their products and have a great time.
We would then be greeted by Dylan and offered the table and sit down. He would then offer us some complimentary assorted chocolate (about 3 pieces each) and 2 glasses of champagne from a bottle that I had previously purchased.  We would then sit and talk and relax and of course enjoy the chocolates and champagne. Soon after I would order a box of chocolates to "take home." The box was a heart shaped box that they were using for the following Saturday's Valentines Day. So I pre-purchased it as well. We decided to have the ring sit in the middle of the box surrounded by chocolates all on a Reeses Pieces type paper and the ring sitting on shredded red paper. Once ordered and  placed in front of me I would then suggest that we go ahead and have another chocolate from the box before leaving. After opening it, I would turn the box around and pushed it towards her before proposing. My next post will pick up on the Saturday morning of the proposal.

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