Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She Said YES! Part IV

As we sat down we were greeting by the manager. He welcomed us and brought us champagne and a tasting of chocolates. Once we devoured these I suggested we purchase some to take home. G, although perplexed, thought it was a great idea. We drank a few sips of champagne and then went up to the counter to pick out our chocolates to go. There was a wide assortment to choose from so we delicately chose our favorites. The manager said he would package them and bring them over. We went back to our seats and continued to talk and sip the bubbly.

The manager delivered the heart-shaped box which included some forty individual chocolates and in the middle was THE RING! We both looked at the box and commented on how pretty it was and were both content on bringing them home for another day. After all, we had already eaten several chocolates up to this point. BUT, I said that I wanted one more for "the road." And opened the box! I looked inside and pushed it towards G showing her what was inside, she gasped and could not speak a word. I rose up and went over to her side of the table, took the ring from the box and bent on one knee. It was then I asked her to be my wife and to merry me (or something to that effect).

She of course said yes and we kissed and hug and everyone in the place cheered. I yelled, "She said YES!" We continued to take pictures and drink our champagne. Of course I let her know what I did and that the whole thing had been planned. She loved it and in true G fashion was "upset" that she knew nothing about it. I told her that was the idea.

A few people came up to us to congratulate us including a women that is on the local evening news and on the radio. She later tweeted of the nights activities.

We bought another bottle of champaigne for later and to remember the night.

And that is the story of how I got engaged!

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