Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ring Shopping

Today I went looking at rings, actually I went to look at "the ring." Yep, already picked it out....did so back around the middle of February, which is near my birthday. The timing was perfect! Every few weeks I stop by the store and take a look at it. And since I don't need it right now I pay a little bit of money on it. It is a very nice ring if I do say so myself. I think it is exacly what she wants. It's vintage looking with lots of diamonds. Just perfect.

We've talked about rings before and I am always trying to get G into the store to look as some with me but something never fails to prevent it. But its fine, I would rather surprise her with it anyway. I am confident that I have made a good choice. Though its not easy. See, G really and I mean really loves jewerly. She doesn't have this crazyiness about her engagement ring or anything like that but does have a few criteria she wants met.

I actually had lots of fun shopping at different stores and picking out the ring I wanted. It was not something I wanted to take lightly but also didn't want to waste time or have a lot of time pass me by. I am not a last minute kind of guy anyway but who could be (or should be) when talking about a several thousand dollar investment like a wedding ring. I learned about the 4 C's and all that. But the most important thing I learned is to just get what you want. Its forever!

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