Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A creative gent, to be sure.

An article from NY Magazine describes the eclectic style of a Connecticut born prep and aspiring Interior Designers' dorm room at a college in New Jersey. If I had ever lived in a dorm room I can't say this is what I would have done but I definetely would have take some liberty at creating my own little space to suite my needs. I admire the creativity from this young man. As you can see he doesn't sacrifice style over function. I suppose you can't in a college dorm. There is a need for both and he maximizes the space to showcase both of these elements while remaining true to his own individual personality. Beyond the dorm room itself it seems that he has a bright future in design or whatever creative outlet he chooses.

Notice the carpets covering what is probably a rather drab floor

This is the side of the room opposite of the couch

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