Tuesday, May 25, 2010

McAlister's Deli

I love McAlister's Deli. Lately, I have been going for lunch once sometimes twice a week. I often go and read a book or look at magazines and just organize my day and my thoughts. Overall just to relax. A couple of times I have gone in consecutive days. Like yesterday and today. Actually today I wasn't alone. JLR and I were running errands before work. She had the day off. Usually she doesn't like to go. She prefers Panera Bread when it comes to salads and sandwiches.

I usually mix it up! Sometimes I will "Be Choosey" and concoct my own sandwich and other times order a ready-made sandwich off the nenu, like a panini. You also get a complimentary pickle and your choice of macaroni and cheese, potatoe salad, chips or fruit. I go to a couple of different locations around town, not to hide my addiction but depending on where I am at the time. Usually I go after hitting the gym. It's a perfect time to relax and eat a healthy meal.

My goal is to patronize all the McAlister's in North and South Carolina at some point. I think there might be around 40 or so of them. So far I have been to 12, I think?

I think my favorite thing about McAlister's is the big cups they give you. I liken them to Starbucks' 20 oz cup. There is just something I like about drinking from them? I used to get the sweet tea (free refill, another plus) but now I have been getting diet coke. Its so refreshing.

I wonder if McAlister's can cater a wedding party? That would be great. At least I know where I will be when I am planning the proposal and wedding (free WiFi).....eating a Brian-made-sandwich and drinking from a big cup with endless refills from McAlister's Deli. Give it a try!

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