Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remembering my sisters wedding

I remember my sisters wedding, I really do. I may not remember all of the details (what she danced to with the groom or with my dad, how long it lasted, what color was this or that)? But I do remember....I was there! I often get razzed by G about why I can't remember those details. On of my defenses is that I was up at 7:00 a..m. after spending all day Friday in the hot sun and playing in waves. It was a 4:00 wedding! I think? Details, details....?? Anyway, for some reason my dad had to be at the church by 11:00 a.m. (my mom and sister were already there) And the only thing I had to eat prior to the reception was 2 small hamburgers from a fast food joint? And prior to eating I had a beer and a glass of champagne. Due to a lack of food on this day I was a lightweight. So lack of sleep and lack of food makes for a tired Brian.

But really by nature, guys aren't going to remember such details (especially if it doesn't directly relate to us...that's just how we are). We don't know how to spell tafida, don't know anything about it and we don't need to. I am interested and a little excited about learning the differences in what wedding planning and preperation means to a bride and groom. I mean its obviously as different as night and day. So this process promises to be no different.

We Will Remember Our Wedding Day

My point is we (the groom) will remember the wedding. But what parts we will remember may be different. Obviously we will remember the nuptials and seeing our bride for the "first time." But we will also remember the time spent with our groomsmen and other friends (we will probably never have them all in the same place ever again), that last minute tie straightening by our father and that look in his eye saying, "welcome aboard son, I'm proud of you." We will remember the reception and how funny it was when aunt Betty slipped on the wet floor. But we will remember!

And just to be sure...remind me to invite someone or even several people that own a video camera!


  1. I love the episode of The Office when Pam and Jim get married--and they take mental snapshots throughout the weekend. Everyone's told me the day is a blur, but I think it's so great that you're so looking forward to it...whenever it happens.