Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lumina Clothing Company

Lumina Clothing Company, located in Raleigh, NC is a lifestyle clothing brand specializing in traditional but creative men's tie wear. LCC offers skinny ties (2"), traditional ties (2.75") and narrow ties (3.25"). They also offer 2 different styles of bow ties. The designs are classic styles but have been given a modern makeover. What sets the company apart is its willingness to search for the perfect material and fabrics to ensure a quality garment is made for an individual.

In addition, the newly created Lumina Wedding product line offers the ability for the bride and groom to coordinate their personal styles for the big day. The couple can choose from many different fabrics, whether they be silk, cotton, linen, taffeta, etc. The goal is to make a brides wedding day one of elegance and style. And what better way to accomplish this then to have the groom looking his best.

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