Monday, May 10, 2010

A steak dinner and a missed opportunity? Part 1

We had dinner the other night at George Fine's Beef and Bottle, a Queen City landmark since 1958. One would assume the decor has not changed since, though in my opinion it probably changed in the late 1970's. The steak was the best restaurant steak I have ever had, I say this because my dads steak IS THE BEST STEAK of all time. And speaking of time gone by, my parents continue a time-honored tradition of grilling steaks every Saturday night. They have been doing so for easily 40 years.

Anyway, back to this past Saturday night. We were celebrating our 2 year anny. I will go into detail about dinner, well, because I want to. We started out with lightly crusted fried oysters for our app. They were tremendous, about 10 or so. I admit I ate most of them because G isn't big on oysters or anything fried. We then moved on to our salads. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. They place in front of you a plate of chopped lettuce. Then in the middle of the table on its own plate was a platter plethora bonanza of salad fixings. This included sliced green bell pepper, sliced red onion, sliced radishes, small whole tomatoes and chopped celery. And your choice of homemade dressing. We both chose ranch. An amazing salad. Oh yeah from the get was crackers and spreadable cheese. I am guessing the cheese was homemade too.

OK. Now for the reason the restaurant is called Beef and Bottle. I drank a Sam Adams draft and G drank a perfectly poured glass of cabernet. I didn't catch the name because I was too excited for what was next. I ordered an 8 oz sirloin done medium rare. I enjoy my steak a little tender and juicy but still cooked through. Always have, always will. G ordered a petite filet, about 6 oz. Both steaks include your choice of baked potato, french fries, rice pilaf, onion rings or sweet potatoe. We both ordered the "fully loaded" baked potatoe. Yep! Butter, sour cream, chive and bacon. UMMM! They also serve this piping hot buttered bread upon request. And I requested some to go home with me!

OK, so G talked me into dessert. This wasn't a difficult decision. Although usually I never go for dessert. The server came to the table with several options including blueberry cheesecake and French silk chocolate pie. We decided or should I say G decided to order the apple pie with homemade cinnamon ice cream. I then chimed in and two days later not sure why "and the peanut butter and chocolate cake, please." Don't worry I had one bite and took the rest home. And just in case your wondering, the best steak dinner I have ever had was then the best steak lunch I have ever had.


  1. Blogs are all about talking about what you want, and that dinner sounds awesome! I used to go to a place at home that did the same thing with the salad, and I loved it. Love putting my own together to my liking.

  2. Sooo good! There was sliced cucumbers too and fresh cracked pepper.