Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is this really a big deal?

This past weekend I was watching I Love You Man for like the 20th time. What a great movie. I actually purchased it for around $5. What a steal. It ranks up there with a lot of comedy classics of the decade and is THE movie when you think of "bromance comedies." It has all the makings of a fine comedy and is one that I will watch over and over again.

My only question is....about the seating arrangement at a wedding? I know it is important but in the movie the couple actually uses chairs and table to illustrate the process (and hassle) of creating a seating arrangement. I know its' Hollywood but I am sure this actually goes on! It just seems to me that a simple list would make more sense to use instead of arts and crafts. To me, as long as Crazy Aunt Sue doesn't sit next to the carving knife at the roast beef station then it shouldn't matter who sits where.

Great movie though, check it out!

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