Friday, May 21, 2010

A seriously close call! Actually several calls...

This morning I went to make another payment on the ring. Everytime I make a payment they place the reciept in a nice envelope so I can keep it for my records. I also wanted to show them a couple of rings in the new *In Style magazine that G pointed out to me the other day. One was a Tacori and the other was a Martin Flyer design? She was just showing me the design and I wanted to compare it with the one I had already chosen. They were both identical to the one and the store carries both of them. Actually one of the advertisements was for the store.

Usually when I leave I put the reciept with all my workout gear that I leave in the car. She would never go snooping around in all that stuff.** Well this time I decided in lieu of time that I would just put it back there when I got home. Oh at this point the reciept is in the magazine. So I take back the magazine to her apartment ***(along with some candy and a dvd that I rented for her to watch later) and place it on the coffee table where I found it. I leave.

Once I get to work a few minutes later I started thinking about the reciept and realize I left it in the magazine at the apartment. Of course I bolt hoping to get back before she gets home. This mistake could blow everything. So of course as I am leaving, G calls me. We spoke for a few minutes but she had no idea that I was in the car heading back to her place. I mad sure I got her location and ****ETA so I knew how much time I had. I get there before she does, find the magazine, give the cat a quick shout out and head back to work. Everything is perfect. But just as I am almost back to work she calls me again. I can't pick up I am supposed to be at work not in my car driving? I finally make it back to work (traffic was terrible) and return the call. But to be honest, I won't feel completely safe until she gets home and I know she has settled in.

I need to be more careful so that something like this doesn't happen again. This could have really been disastrous. I remember thinking when I first took the magazine "how would I explain how the magazine got in my car if I forgot to return it in time?"****** Wheww, how lucky am I ? But, like I said, I am still on edge until she gets home and confirms that nothing seems odd or out of place!

*I admit I look through the pages once in a while, sue me!
**It doesn't stink or anything. It's clean. But she has no reason to go back there.
***Chocolate covered dark chocolate, I know! And the movie is Precious. She wants to see it. I don't. I won't be there. Perfect timing.
****ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) not to be confused with GTD (Game Time Decision). GTD is my brain child. Been using it for years.
*****Any ideas?

Have a Mischievous Weekend


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