Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wanted: Sperry Topsider Striper Laceless CVO

                      Sperry Topsider Striper Laceless CVO

Lately I have been wanting a new summer shoe to alternate with my sandals and flips. I've found them! I wasn't sure if I wanted these or Jack Purcell's. I tried them both on today from my new favorite shoe store....Nordstroms. Finally a place that has both so I can try them on together. I was beginning to think I was going to have to purchase one or the other and take them to the other store. Worse...I hadn't been able to find the Sperry's so I thought I was going to have to order them online and possibly return them if they didn't work . I don't like doing that.

After having one on each foot for 5 minutes I chose the Sperry's. They are a lot more comfortable and look a whole lot better. At first I liked the Jack's because of the built in distressed look they offer. But along with that worn in look comes a little off coloring. The Striper's win in the crispy catagory. The color white on the shoe is very crisp (they also come in a faded blue, light blue and red). The Sperry also features a madras piece on the tongue and heel of the shoe. This provides a little blast of color that most deck shoes do not have. In addition, I think the look is authentically classic without shoestrings. It makes for a true deck shoe built for boating and is very distinguished. I can't wait. Soon these shoes will be mine.

                                Converse Jack Purcell CP            

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